SQLstream Blaze is a distributed stream processing platform for streaming analytics, real-time visualization and continuous integration of machine data at Big Data scale. Processing over one million events per second per CPU core, and integrated seamlessly with Hadoop, SQLstream Blaze enables organizations to leverage their streaming Big Data to identify and act on operational and customer problems in real-time.

The Internet of Things

Gain immediate insight and drive real-time, automated actions for the Internet of Things.

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Stream Processing Explained

Massively scalable, distributed stream processing with continuous SQL for Hadoop.

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Real-time for your business

Enterprise stream processing solutions built on a distributed SQL real-time data hub. Read more in our latest industry whitepapers:

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Proven ROI & Time to Value

How does Apache Storm compare with SQLstream Blaze? How can outstanding performance and SQL minimize costs and maximize returns? Understand how in this ROI comparison report.

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