We're an innovative, award-winning company dedicated to solving real-time enterprise problems with unrivaled expertise, experience and success. Our SQLstream Blaze Stream Processor is a real-time data hub for Operational Intelligence and the Internet of Things that is built on our award-winning distributed SQL stream processing engine. With Blaze, you will deliver lower cost solutions sooner, with platform reliability and future scalability assured.

The Internet of Things

Gain real-time actionable insights and drive automated actions from your sensor data with SQLstream Blaze.

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Why Stream Processing?

Understand more about stream processing with SQLstream Blaze and our award-winning distributed SQL stream processor.

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The Real-time Enterprise

Massively scalable Enterprise stream data processing solutions built on a distributed SQL real-time data hub. Read more in our latest industry whitepapers:

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Proven ROI & Time to Value

How does Apache Storm compare with SQLstream Blaze? How can outstanding performance and SQL minimize costs and maximize returns? Understand how in this ROI comparison report.

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