We reject the idea that businesses need teams of data scientists, millions of dollars, and months, weeks, days or even hours, to make data useful. We champion businesses that want to take action on the white water flow of live data, every moment, with instant knowledge of the past and present, as it's happening.

Create streaming apps from raw data in minutes, and deliver the full lifecycle of streaming data services, from continuous ingest, integration and ETL, to streaming analytics, visualization, and automated actions.

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The Internet of Things

Gain real-time actionable insights and drive automated actions from your sensor data with SQLstream Blaze.

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Why Stream Processing?

Understand more about data stream processing and how to harness the power of your big data in motion.

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The Real-time Enterprise

Enterprise-class real-time solutions built on our leading standards-compliant data stream processing platform. Read more in our latest industry whitepapers:

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Proven ROI & Time to Value

How does Apache Storm compare with SQLstream Blaze? How can outstanding performance and standards-compliance minimize costs and maximize returns? Understand how in this ROI comparison report.

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