Managing real-time streaming Big Data using traditional data management solutions is like driving using only your rear view mirror – you’ll never see what’s coming until it’s too late!

SQLstream is different.  SQLstream is scalable, standards-based and designed for real-time applications.  SQLstream deploys rapidly and at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches.   SQLstream is transforming the world of real-time, Big Data stream management.

Our Customers

Our customers have one thing in common.  They will all testify to the power, flexibility and ease of use of SQLstream. Our leading real-time data management platform is delivering real business value from operational intelligence across of a wide range of industries.  Whether you are focussed on applications and log files, or industry sensor and M2M solutions, SQLstream is the only vendor capable of solving the problems that standard log file parsing and network management tools can not.

Our Partners

Our focus is to support our partners and customers to deliver real-time streaming solutions with SQLstream.  Our standard approach to real-time application development is focussed entirely on partner and developer enablement.

Our Standards

We pride ourselves in the quality of our software.  However, our main standard is SQL – standards-based SQL for real-time streaming data applications.  SQLstream is the only standards-based SQL platform for real-time streaming data.  Why is this important?  Rapid development, abundance of existing skills, but more importantly, your existing database applications can be ported directly to SQLstream, giving real-time performance immediately.