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SQLstream s-Server is a streaming Big Data analytics platform for extracting operational intelligence from machine-generated data. SQLstream s-Server enables machine data sources such as log files, sensors, web feeds, network and service APIs to be analyzed in real-time.

New to SQLstream? The following links will help to get you up and running:

Download and trial SQLstream s-Server for free

Download SQLstream s-Server now and you’ll get:

  • The fully featured SQLstream s-Server product.
  • Access to the full documentation set and example applications.
  • Free technical support.

You’ll be able to use in the product for 60 days without any restriction. After 60 days, SQLstream will continue to operate but usage will be restricted, or you can purchase an Enterprise license and continue using the full capability of SQLstream. Your free technical support will of course continue for the duration of your trial.

Watch a Demo

Watch an introduction to SQLstream and the concepts of streaming analytics.

Get the complete SQLstream s-Server Distribution

Please check the Installation Guide for platform hardware and software pre-requisites. The downloadable version of SQLstream s-Server is supported on all popular Linux distributions. (Note: The trial version of SQLstream s-Server 4.0 is available for 64-bit systems only. Please contact us if you require a 32-bit version.)

Version Filesize Format md5 Link
SQLstream s-Server (64-bit) 4.0 193MB bin md5 Download


Other Downloads

The complete SQLstream s-Server distribution above contains the SQLstream s-Studio management platform, JDBC driver and clients tools. However, these are also available to download separately if required.

SQLstream s-Studio Downloads

SQLstream s-Studio Version Filesize Format md5 Link
Linux (64-bit) 4.0 77MB bin md5 Download
Windows (64-bit) 4.0 79MB .exe md5 Download
Windows (32-bit) 4.0 77MB .exe md5 Download

JDBC Driver and Client Tools

The Client Tools pack provides SQLstream developers with the tools and drivers required to build and test SQLstream client drivers and connectivity. Client Tools includes the LogFile Agent for streaming log file data to the SQLstream server in real-time, and SQLstream DataGen, for generating and streaming test data to the SQLstream server. The SQLstream JDBC driver is also included with the full SQLstream Server download.

JDBC Driver and Client Tools Version Filesize Format md5 Link
Linux 4.0 31MB bin md5 Download
Windows 4.0 14MB .exe md5 Download