Build real-time smart services with SQLstream Blaze.

SQLstream Blaze trial runs on any 64-bit Linux operating system. If in doubt, please refer to our Installation Guide, or contact us to check availability of additional server and cloud installation options for the trial. All products downloads include full technical support.

Step 1: Install the Blaze stream processor.

Download a 60 day, fully functional trial of the leading real-time stream processing platform.

Download Blaze 4.0

Download package includes all the components you need to get up and running with your first streaming data application, including:

  • s-Server, the leading and highest performance real-time stream processing engine.
  • s-Dashboard for building real-time dashboards.
  • s-Studio for streaming SQL development and platform management.
  • Machine data collection agents and adapters for log files, web feeds, sockets and other common machine data sources.
  • Enterprise integration adapters for Hadoop, Storm, databases and middleware platforms.
  • Libraries for building streaming analytics applications.
  • Example applications to get you up and running.

Step 2: Install StreamLab.

StreamLab helps analysts and data scientists to understand and visualize unstructured machine data streams.

Download StreamLab

How to install StreamLab. First, download and install the s-Server package and install StreamLab on top. If you’re analyzing log files, that’s all you’ve got to do. StreamLab provides the tools to connect to your log data. If you’re analyzing additional sources of machine data, simply deploy the relevant s-Server agents or adapters and connect StreamLab to the resulting data streams.

  • Analyzing log files? Visualize your log data in minutes. StreamLab enables you to visualize streaming log data without coding.
  • Got other sources of data? ? StreamLab connects to any data streams populated by any of SQLstream’s rich array of agents and adapters.

Interested in s-Visualizer? s-Visualizer is not available as part of the Blaze trial download. If you would like a demonstration, or to install a trial version, simply contact us.

QuickStart Option – Blaze Virtual Appliance

Get started quickly on PCs, Macs and Linux with a ready-to-go Blaze VM appliance. The VM contains the full Blaze suite, including s-Server and StreamLab, plus example applications.
Download VM

Step 3: Looking for help or wanting to build out your application?

All the SQLstream Blaze product documentation is available online, including a Getting Started Guide, Concepts Guide, Enterprise Integration Guide and SQL Developer’s Guide. Alternatively. you have access to full technical support throughout your trial period, so simply contact Technical Support.

Go to Documentation

Step 4: Considering a stream processing project?

SQLstream experts have extensive expertise in the design and implementation of real-time stream processing solutions. We would be happy to discuss your requirements and to offer services that range from education and training of your IT personnel, through to full project delivery capability.

Contact us

Client Downloads for Windows

Note: The Windows versions for s-Studio, JDBC driver and client tools are included with the core s-Server distribution as part of the Blaze download package. Windows versions are also available as separate downloads for larger scale rollout of user and test clients.

s-Studio for Windows

Version Filesize Format Link
Windows (64-bit) 4.0 79MB .exe Download
Windows (32-bit) 4.0 77MB .exe Download

JDBC Driver and Client Tools

The Client Tools distribution provides developers with the tools and drivers required to build and test SQLstream client drivers and connectivity. Client Tools includes the LogFile Agent for streaming log file data to the SQLstream server in real-time, and DataGen for generating test data streams.

Version Filesize Format Link
Windows (32 and 64 bit) 4.0.1 14MB .exe Download