Streaming Big Data on Tap

Make your systems responsive to real-time operational data

SQLstream makes systems responsive to real-time operational Big Data. SQLstream enables organizations to query their log file, machine data, sensors, network and service data in real-time. SQLstream is built on a standards-based, distributed and scalable platform, using industry standard SQL for the rapid analysis of high volume, real-time data streams. Standards mean lower costs, proven performance and seamless integration. With SQLstream, our customers are able to respond to the information locked in their operational Big Data in real-time.


Distributed Management Platform for Streaming Big Data

SQLstream s-Server is a distributed streaming Big Data management platform for the real-time integration and analysis of high volume, high velocity data. SQLstream s-Server enables data sources such as log files, databases, APIs and sensors to be queried in real-time using standard SQL.

SQLstream enables businesses to address the real-time problems that other tools are unable to solve. The ability to JOIN streams of data across any number of different sources means data can be correlated and aggregated across multiple data structures and formats. And all data, raw, aggregated and processed, can be shared as continuous streams of real-time updates with any existing data storage platform, system or data warehouse.

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Streaming Data Management in the Cloud

Deploy SQLstream s-Server in an Amazon Elastic Cloud and benefit from on-demand scaling, pay as you go pricing, and instant install. SQLstream s-Cloud is deployed as an AMI image, and is available in the full range of EC2 virtual machine sizes. Pricing is based on data throughput, therefore you only need pay for what you use, providing both low entry pricing, and flexibility as your business grows.

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Real-time visualization for streaming operational intelligence

Meaningful visualization of real-time, high volume data streams poses significant issues for traditional dashboard tools. Currently in beta, SQLstream StreamLab will provide map-based and real-time dashboard visualization for streaming operational intelligence generated by s-Server.

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