SQLstream s-Transport

Innovative, low cost solutions for improving traveller mobility

SQLstream s-Transport is a real-time link between transportation sensor networks and traveler information, providing instant insight into performance, congestion, incidents and behavior. SQLstream s-Transport solves transportation management problems across a wide range of systems: road traffic networks, railroads, emergency deployment systems, green energy projects, shipping, transportation and logistics, and using any sensor data source – GPS, Bluetooth, video and fixed road sensors.

Real-time Intelligent Transportation

Real-time for improved mobility and an enhanced traveller experience

Intelligent Transportation utilizes the latest wireless communication, GPS, sensor and intelligent device technology to improve road safety, optimize transportation efficiency, reduce pollution, and to provide data in support of national security issues. SQLstream s-Tranport ensures you can utilize all available data sources, and deliver real-time and accurate insight into transportation network performance.

Multi-modal applications

Accurate and reliable end-to-end travel times for the optimum traveler experience

The majority of traveler journeys in urban areas involve more than one transportation mode.  Yet travelers are poorly served, with most applications delivering inaccurate and unreliable journey times.  SQLstream s-Transport delivers true multi-modal Travel Time solutions, combining traffic, bus and rail data, and ensuring accurate journey times and with realistic routing options.

Agency and Traveler Insights

Real-time dashboard and map views for congestion and journey times

For the Transportation Agency, SQLstream s-Transport supports a wide range of visualization and notification capabilities.  Google Earth and Google Maps are both supported, plus analytics and trending reports, and alarm dashboards views.  For the traveller, smartphone access provides instant access to real-time, accurate and reliable travel information.

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